About us

NAZDUR Agribusiness Private Limited is actively involved in the agro commodities trading, sourcing, supplying of pulses, beans, grains, spices and edible seeds, oilseeds and oilseeds extractions, dry fruits and nuts, superfoods and cattle feed from the framers that are producing them, cleaning, storing and transporting them around the world where they are consumed.

The company has been established in Mumbai (India) by the founder Mr. Hussain Palitanawala, who has been active in agro industry since 2008.

Feeding the world has been and will remain, a huge challenge because of the increasing world population, the changing dietary habits, the climatic challenges, the environmental impact on farming, and the social and political impact of food availability and food prices. So, close relations have been developed with producers, exporters and importers. Considerable efforts have been made to successfully develop business in the major exporting and importing countries.

Our international presence allows us to collect information from all over the world. Our role is to continuously gather accurate information about fluctuating markets situations, to be present under all circumstances and bring customized service to all our national and international clients.

Our Goal

Our goal has been to develop an advanced agro commodities export, import, trading and sourcing organization, not only in terms of storage and shipping, but also in quality and reliability of our products with customer satisfaction as our goal and to deliver superior value to stakeholders by being the trusted business associates.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a premium global agro commodities sourcing organization with a leadership position in the products or regions we are operating; committed to giving the best quality to its customers in terms of quality product; timing shipment and customer satisfication


Ethical practices are the very foundation of NAZDUR. As an organization that touches the world, we feel it is our responsibility to be a shining example of corporate governance and values driven business in all the communities that we touch. We adhere to every compliance, showcase the highest level of religious and corporate governance and we say a strict no child labour, huge respect for women and their safety and the society we lived in.