Global Agro Commodities Sourcing

NAZDUR AGRIBUSINESS PRIVATE LIMITED is an export, import and trading organization in Mumbai (India) specializing in international trading, sourcing and supplying various premium quality agro-commodities such as pulses, beans, grains, spices and edible seeds, oilseeds and oilseeds extractions, dry fruits and nuts, superfoods and cattle feed to India and across the globe.

Being many years of experience in the agro-industry we source our agro commodities from major suppliers, exporters and processors of the producing or exporting countries such as: –

From NAZDUR Agribusiness, customers just don’t get products or services but an association that lasts for years to come. The management policy is centric around “Customer Satisfaction”. We believe that it is far most important to gain customers’ trust than to win an isolated business deal. To this effect, we have invested substantially to bring premium quality products to its customers in India and across the globe. 

A varied product portfolio of agro commodities and diverse markets allows us to carry out different marketing strategies. Extensive exposure and deep knowledge of the agro industry give us the vision to understand the ever-changing global markets.

We proudly hold a real on-ground presence in key sourcing regions across global markets. Our strong network of sourcing and distribution of agro commodities, combined with our international trading experience, has helped us foster and flourish in this business. We aim to explore further to enhance our trade, business and relationships.

As a trading organization, NAZDUR Agribusiness can efficiently handle varied cargoes through precise and timely delivery schedules. We source, stock and deliver cost-effective premium agro commodities with flexible solutions subject to the market specifications. Our teams of skilled professionals help us to achieve prime service, the best performance and deliver customer satisfaction products.